SomaTraining is a comprehensive conditioning system for rehabilitation, injury prevention, and performance.


Its techniques are targeted at:

  • Improving joint mechanics and tissue quality

  • Musculoskeletal balance

  • Coordination and posture

  • Strength and conditioning

The 3-year SomaTraining course of study provides the trainer with a highly developed and unique position as a professional within the fitness industry. The SomaTrainer designation raises the competence and value of the trainer in any related market.

SomaTraining was developed by French Osteopath, Guy Voyer, in line with the Osteopathic Philosophy of utilizing the global connective tissue network to activate the body’s own developmental process in a positive way. For this reason, it is the first truly comprehensive training program. It takes into consideration all the anatomic elements as a whole—from the cell, to the tissue, to the organ, to the biomechanical region, and the relationship to the whole body.

SomaTrainers use highly specific exercises to influence the physiology of the connective tissues, which in turn provide the nourishment and functional ability for every aspect of the body. SomaTraining is currently popular in therapeutic and professional and Olympic sports training. However, the tools are used well in all populations.

The Program The Instructor